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Prayer Warrior Pictures




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  1. Jeff Varga said

    Prayer request for all you real life prayer warriors:

    I hope whoever reads this will be inspired and reminded that God does work in mysterious and awesome ways.

    Today was an amazing day and it all started by pleading with God to give me the green light for the proper financing of Prayer Warrior the movie.

    I called an acquaintance I met at a networking event at CBS a few years back. I don’t know what made me decide to call him again after 8 months but the timing was right. His name is Steve H. and he’s been a realtor most of his life, earlier on an investment banker and moved from NY to LA about the time we met. He’s been very interested in becoming a movie mogul and had been trying to ride the wave of one of his arrogant friends that thought he could make and successfully distribute a teen movie using money from a financial pool of rich baseball celebrities. The movie turned out to be really raunchy. My wife and I had actually walked out on the big Hollywood red carpet screening.

    So today, Steve asks me how much money I need to make Prayer Warrior. I say about a million, he says, “could you make it for 50 million?” He continues to tell me that he’s spent about 8 months working as the investment advisor for a Christian investment fund that wants to make movies with Christian values. Now… I’ve heard people talking like this at dozens of meetings over a lifetime and the money never materializes. But this was the first time I actually had someone telling me they wanted to make movies that didn’t follow Hollywood’s normal diet of trampling on Christian values. Whether the money ever materializes is a different subject that I’ll ask for your prayers on as well. I’m told it could be green-lighted by the end of this August.

    Instead or in addition to, what I’d really like you to pray for is this man Steve. It turns out that he’s a non-religious Jew, who I got to spend about an hour and a half talking to about Jesus. He asked me all kinds of questions and also about why Israel is so hated. Apparently this Christian investment fund wants to also make movies that support Israel and he’s been paying more attention to Islam’s fascist hatred of Jews and Israel. He’s trying to comprehend evil and of course can’t.

    Let me tell you that it is RARE to find someone in Hollywood that is not completely polarized for or against Christians, Jews, Israel and America. That’s right. Most people here hate Christians, Jews, Israel and America. So much that it’s next to impossible to work anywhere without having to listen to conversations all day about how we’re hated. But… that’s a different story. As you may imagine it’s a treasure finding someone that’s open to listening in this kind of culture. Praise God for giving me this opportunity to influence him. Please pray for me that I may continue to have his ear and be given the right words by the Holy Spirit to do so.

    On top of this, today I had a conversation with a Christian producer who is under the comfortable umbrella of Mandalay Entertainment, a HUGH production company, developing about 20 different movies and TV series for kids and teens. He explained that his real desire is to make good Christian films, but is limited to do so because of who he works for. This man was responsible for resurrecting the Battlestar Galactica series into the top rated show it is today. His resume includes various other shows all just as impressive.

    I want to be a conduit for God and a conduit to lead these others into working on movies that glorify Christ. We know that God works all things together for the good. This is the season of the end times. Pray hard.

    Thank you all, you real life prayer warriors.

    Jeff Varga

    • Deena said

      My boys (ages 10 and 11) just saw your trailer. We love it! At the end it states that it will air this fall? What channel?

  2. Jacqui said

    Dear Jeff this is very encouraging to read! I will keep you in my mind and prayers.

    It is a battle I know but the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. Thank you for this and yes was an opening to talk to Steve. Our God is full of surprises isn’t He. The beauty is that we must let God guide even if it is against our own natural instincts which are tailored with fear. We are not to lean on our own understanding I say this for myself too!!

    sincerely Jacqui xx

  3. Your site is a blessing and an encouraging place. My nephew is an aspiring film maker. He is still working on his degree, but yes, it is difficult to breakthrough the movies Hollywood has to offer, but I too have prayed that the Lord raise up Godly men and women in this area for his glory. I will pray that the Lord make all your crooked paths straight. God Bless..Alma

  4. Jeff Varga said

    I just saw that this forum was still here. After all these years, Prayer Warrior has been cursed with flaky individuals that let me down and still nothing to show for it.

  5. saritha said

    may i know what is the salary to the prayer warrior in jesus calls.

  6. There ire a lot of differences in between Hollywood films plus the other people, for example Bollywood

  7. kazeem said

    i need good job,good wife,favor,blessing,victory,guideance,protection,good heath,and long life,till i hear from you thanks.
    its me

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