A worldview is a set of claims that purport to be based on ultimate reality.

A Parent’s Positive Influence

Posted by ssbg on June 7, 2007

READ | Colossians 3:23-25

Relationships, money, and employment usually aren’t considered “spiritual issues” because they do not affect our salvation. But the way we approach these three areas of life can still please or displease God.

When it comes to relationships, parents usually try to be vigilant so their children won’t fall in with the “wrong crowd.” At home, kids should see Mom and Dad wisely seeking and choosing their own friends. Then, treating those people with grace and love.

In regards to money, it’s vital for kids to witness a right attitude toward finances. They need to know all of their earnings are actually gifts from God. Then, they’ll use these gifts well. Wise parents teach children the true value of money—it’s a means of providing for oneself and blessing others.

Children need to understand two things about their future career paths. First, God has a plan and will for their life. Second, everything is done for the Lord, regardless of who the human boss is. Mom and Dad should give their best in everything so the children learn to serve God first.

The world frequently measures success according to relationships, money, and career status. We can teach our children true success is not about having the most money, the best job, or the best-looking spouse. But it’s about keeping a God-centered attitude, no matter the situation.



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