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Oasis Hospital, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Posted by ssbg on August 24, 2006


Our mission is to provide quality, international health care and services for the communities we serve by representing the compassion and love of Jesus Christ with sensitivity to the individual person and their families.


In fulfillment of the mission and vision, the Oasis Hospital Governing Board, staff, physicians and employees, volunteers and community partners are directed by six strongly held principles:

Client Centered: We put the clients first in all we do. Caring for the individual client and their family is the heart of our mission.

Commitment to the Family: We are a family-friendly environment, dedicated to treating people and their families with honor compassion, respect and affection. We are sensitive to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Commitment to God: We are responsible to communicate that God is sovereign, caring, loving and gracious. We serve our clients in harmony with Christ’s healing ministry.

Teamwork: We work together as a team using our diverse talents, backgrounds and experiences to benefit our clients.

Cultural Diversity: We value the cultural traditions of our clients, employees, business colleagues and visitors; we treat them with kindness and respect regardless of their background, race, gender, religion or disability.

Community Centered: We are responsible members of our community contributing to the welfare and enhancement of the city of Al Ain and its surrounding communities.

Our vision is to be the hospital of choice for people and their families in Al Ain and neighbouring communities.



3 Responses to “Oasis Hospital, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates”

  1. Anonymous said

    Like DUDE!

  2. syed nazar hussain said

    i m physiotherapist contact me 923452121293

  3. Theo Marais said

    This is being the hands and feet of Jesus to people!

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