A worldview is a set of claims that purport to be based on ultimate reality.

Are Missionaries Really World Christians?

Posted by ssbg on August 22, 2006


Missionaries would seem to be the epitome of world Christians. But are we really? Even though many of us work far from home, I suspect that most of us limit our horizons to our present ministry. Do our prayers reflect a passion for the whole world? Do missionaries in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia, Bolivia and India pray merely for local needs? Do our Sending Offices limit their prayers to missionaries sent out by their office?

I was deeply moved when missionaries in one of our most challenging Asian countries spent half a day praying for missionaries in South America.

Here are a few suggestions on how we can be more global in our vision:

* Pray through the world news. Are you depressed as you listen to BBC, VOA or as you read news magazines? Take world events to the Lord in prayer.
* Request prayer letters from missionaries in different parts of the world. Intentionally keep up with friends you met in candidate school, consultations or home-assignment seminars. And stay in touch with missionaries from other missions, too!
* Pray through Operation World. It is a powerful tool for seeing the world from God’s perspective.

We have another motivation to be world Christians. We are a church-planting mission with a passion for evangelism and discipleship. But our goal includes equipping churches to fulfill Christ’s Commission, so we are also a mission-board planting mission. How can we challenge and equip national churches to be world Christians if we ourselves are not missionary-minded? We teach more by our example than anything else. Missionaries in South America with a passion for the lost in China teach churches more than they know.

I would be interested to hear other suggestions. Feel free to comment. I may add your suggestions to the next blog. 🙂

Lord Jesus, help us to be fervent world-Christians, and then make us role-models, helping the Body of Christ to fulfill Your Commission.



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