A worldview is a set of claims that purport to be based on ultimate reality.

“The Clock Ticks for Hizballah.”

Posted by ssbg on August 2, 2006

Posted by Hugh Hewitt 

Read the whole thing and hope it is accurate.  (HT: Michael Totten, guest blogging at Instapundit.)

To repeat, Israel’s invasion of Lebanon to assault Hezbollah, like our invasion of Afghnaistan to assault al Qaeda, can only fail if it is prematurely broken off.  The deep strike into Lebanon underscores MSM misjudgment of what is likely to happen in this war. (Yoni’s assessment of the raid is here.)

If Nasrallah was thinking clearly, he’d drop off the two IDF soldiers near the border and retreat with whatever is left of the rocket supply as fast as his UN ambulances will allow it.



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