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Homeschooling is thriving across the country

Posted by ssbg on July 6, 2006

An important Choice of parents, is the right to determine the education of their children, be it public education, private education, religious education or home school. I think that liberals loath homeschooling because they are unable to make an imprint on those children and they perform extremely well on all testing without the “benefit” of “education professionals.”

How is homeschooling community doing?

Homeschooling is thriving across the country as more parents choose to take personal responsibility for their children’s education. The rapid growth of homeschooling caused homeschool critic Rob Reich to say in the April 18 issue of Family Circle magazine, that “today everyone knows someone who’s homeschooling.”

As a result of the growth of homeschooling, more people are coming into contact with homeschooled children. Consequently, it is likely that homeschooling will continue to gain acceptance as a viable education alternative.

Critics often object to this method of education by claiming that home education cannot produce a well-rounded and effective adult. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the state has a legitimate interest in the education of its citizens, including the goal of literacy and self-sufficiency. Homeschoolers are excelling at both.



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