A worldview is a set of claims that purport to be based on ultimate reality.

Main Stream Media and WMD

Posted by ssbg on June 23, 2006

The Main Stream Media and those Democrats are so committed to the Bush-lied position, nothing will allow them to move off of that position no matter what evidence is forthcoming.


Let’s see…assuming each projectile found is equivalent to a 155-mm GB (Sarin) round uploaded with 6.5 pounds of GB, that would be approximately 1477 kg (1.6 tons) of GB Agent. The LD50 for Sarin is about 100 mg percutaneous per 70 kg man, for a total of 14,770,000 lethal doses to the skin, at 50% fatality. That’s more than enough Sarin to kill 7,385,000 people, or the population of Los Angeles, Chicago AND Houston. The thing they don’t understand is that Mustard gas degrades quite slowly, they would be still be lethal after 15-20 years.


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