A worldview is a set of claims that purport to be based on ultimate reality.

“Roethlisberger is wrong…”

Posted by ssbg on June 13, 2006

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Roethlisberger is wrong and undeniably dumb for riding a motorcycle without a helmet, regardless of the state law.

Chris Russell In his latest blog


One Response to ““Roethlisberger is wrong…””

  1. Tim said

    While the article contains any number of stupid sentences, the comments to the blog entry are far more ridiculous. Roethlisberger broke the law, and at the very least, didn’t take the same precautions to protecting his head that are required when he steps onto the field of play. But hey… he’s an adult. Why can’t he choose whether or not to wear a football helmet? Aren’t they “real men” like the were in the 40s? My “Say What?” award goes to the people suggesting that helmets and seatbelts cannot be proven to save lives. – Tim

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