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It’s OK to shoot your baby

Posted by ssbg on May 11, 2006

00Abortion8.jpg By Joseph Farah

Some people don't believe in slippery slopes.Let me set them straight.

Court-mandated, unrestricted abortion on demand has not only led to the forced starvation deaths of handicapped adults in America, now it's OK to shoot your unborn baby.

That was the stunning ruling of a Virginia judge this week in the bizarre case of Tammy Skinner.

On Feb. 23, Skinner called police from a car dealership before dawn and said a man had shot her in the stomach and pushed her out of the car.

That was story No. 1.

Later, she changed her story and accused the baby's father of shooting her.

That was story No. 2.

Finally, after police pieced clues together, she finally confessed that she deliberately shot herself in the stomach to kill her unborn baby – a full-term girl that was to be delivered that very day.

Skinner has two other daughters – she didn't want another one.

Pretty horrendous stuff.

But, on Monday, a Virginia General District Court Judge James A. Moore ruled that because she shot herself, she couldn't be tried even for the lightweight felony charge of producing a miscarriage or abortion.

That's what the abortion-on-demand culture has wrought on our legal system. We can't even punish obvious wrongdoing if, for any reason, that wrongdoing might be perceived as infringing on the absolute, fundamental, holy writ, human right to an abortion for any reason and, evidently, by any means.

Should this shock us? Should this surprise anyone in America today? Evidently not. The story scarcely made the A-wires. You see, abortion is legal in America, throughout all nine months of pregnancy, under the Supreme Court ruling Roe vs. Wade. It's legal for any reason or no reason whatsoever.

Maybe Skinner wanted a boy. Maybe she just didn't want another child at all. No justification was needed for her actions. No one even asked the questions.

Skinner's baby had no legal standing in that courtroom – and since there was no other "victim," it was case dismissed.

Now, if someone else had shot Skinner in the stomach, that person would be subject to punishment. Why? Because it's all a matter of intent by the mother – rather than protecting the life of the most innocent form of human life.

Skinner won't even be prosecuted for use of the firearm. It's a good thing she didn't kill her baby in Washington, D.C., or New York. Under Virginia law, there would only be a penalty for use of the firearm during the commission of a felony. Since there was no crime committed – just the murder of an unborn baby – there's no firearm charge either.

But I don't want you to think Skinner got off scot-free. Oh, no. Not by a long shot. She was convicted of filing a false police report. The judge ordered her to pay for the cost of the police investigation – a $750 fine.

Had Skinner shot her baby three or four hours later when she had been delivered, she would no doubt be facing life imprisonment. But because she shot her daughter while she was still within her – even on the scheduled day of her birth – she doesn't serve a day in jail.

It's an absolutely stunning decision to me. It's a sign of our degrading culture – of our inability as a society even to distinguish between right and wrong. America is no longer a nation whose foundation is the Ten Commandments, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Today, the bedrock of our moral and legal code is Roe vs. Wade – a simple Supreme Court decision, a bad ruling by nine men in black robes.

Now we've got mothers shooting their unborn babies and going unpunished.


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