A worldview is a set of claims that purport to be based on ultimate reality.

Spongetone Law Comments

Posted by ssbg on April 14, 2006


April 11, 2006 at 11:57 am. By Andrew –> About Analysis & Predictions


Steve Stoekel plays bass guitar with the band The Spongetones. It’s refreshing when people from all walks of life take an interest in the workings of the legal system. However, it’s also refreshing to see that Mr. Stoekel’s idiotic views about constitutional law are labelled as such, in his column titled “Confessions of an Idiot.” Here’s an excerpt from the column which appeared today in the Charlotte Observer:

Scalia recently declared his belief in sticking to the Constitution “as it was originally written” and that anyone who thinks it has to change with society is “an idiot” ….I’m not an expert in constitutional law or American history, but I’ve read enough to be puzzled by this deification of these men who were there at such a pivotal moment in human history.

Actually, Scalia is not deifying anyone. He’s saying that if you want to change the Constitution, then pass an amendment. If you want to implement a policy, then get your legislature to enact it. If a constitutional provision needs to be applied to new circumstances, then apply it in a new way. But don’t pretend that the changes you want and the policies you crave and the constitutional provisions you’d prefer are already in the Constitution, and that the policies desired by your political opponents are already forbidden by the Constitution.

Regrettably, Stoekel’s point of view is shared by more than a few judges. Yesterday, over at the blog Judging Crimes, Joel Jacobson had a post indicating that Justice Souter has a lot in common with the Spongetones’ bass guitar player.


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