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Treo Alarm

Posted by ssbg on April 12, 2006

 00treo.gif   Click on picture for a larger view.

Have tried Treo Alarm on my Treo 650 for about two weeks and love it.  This is the only weather program I found that can be set up to download the weather several times a day without having to sync my Treo.  Others need to sync just to get an update. 

Treo Alarm has 8 alarms (you may want to wake up at a different time every day…) and each can be set with a unique name, a particular or multiple day(s) of the week and time.  You can also choose to start your wireless connection with the alarm (if you switch it off in the evenings), automatically receive a free weather update (downloaded from Yahoo Weather or the US/Canadian National Weather Service) and assign a sound from among any of the installed tones on your Treo 

 They also have a 30 day instant refund if you don'tlike it.   Check out;


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