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Leftwing group uses lies to slander Dr. James Dobson

Posted by ssbg on March 9, 2006

Dear Vic,

My friend Gary Bauer brought to my attention an ad which ran in
Wednesday’s New York Times. “These Religious Leaders Have A Serious
Gambling Problem.” The ad viciously attacks a very good friend of mine
who is a leader in the pro-family movement—Dr. James Dobson. The
“problem” is Jack Abramoff, and the ad goes to great lengths to
connect Dr. Dobson to Abramoff.

Anybody who knows Dr. Dobson knows this is nothing more than a
libelous charge of guilt by association. Dr. Dobson has opposed
gambling all his life. He served on the congressionally mandated
National Gambling Impact Study Commission in the late 1990s, which
recommended a moratorium on gambling expansion. To date, no one has
even demonstrated, much less proven, any connection between Jack
Abramoff and Dr. Dobson – because there isn’t one.

While this ad reads like an indictment against Dr. Dobson, it is in
reality a declaration of war against the entire pro-family movement.
The ad was paid for by the Campaign to Defend the Constitution or
DefCon. Its advisory board includes the executive director of the
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, a former director of the ACLU,
the former president of the pro-abortion group NARAL, and a number of
“religious Left” leaders, including a homosexual pastor.

DefCon is a project of the Tides Center, a clearinghouse for liberal
money, which according to its website has distributed “nearly $400
million to thousands of nonprofits” in the last ten years. The Tides
Center is funding DefCon to “become the premiere voice of Americans
who are disturbed by the growing power of the religious right…”

The goal of DefCon is to depress religious conservatives by smearing
good men like Dr. Dobson. They want to bring down the pro-family
movement in the fallout of the Abramoff scandal, hoping values voters
won’t go to the polls in November. If they succeed, liberals will not
have to filibuster judges because they will have a majority in the
Senate. And the Marriage Protection Amendment will be dead on arrival
in a House run by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco). This ad is
another sign of how low the left wing will stoop.

Click here to see the ad.

Click here to read Dr. Dobson’s response to the ad.


Click here to sign the letter of appreciation to Dr. Dobson.

He is the target of the leftwing groups and needs to know we are
standing with him in his battle for the family, and that we appreciate
his nearly 30 years of fighting for the family.

Thank you for caring enough to get involved.



Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association


One Response to “Leftwing group uses lies to slander Dr. James Dobson”

  1. Anonymous said

    You’re a nutball. Stop the ACLU as a link? Gimme a **cking break. If you only knew what the ACLU did for you as a nutball Christian fundie, you wouldn’t want to stop them. Dobson’s an a**. Let him rot.

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