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The Baroness Cox of Queensbury on Southern Sudan, Darfur, Uganda and Nigeria

Posted by ssbg on February 21, 2006


by Hugh Hewitt

Baroness Cox has been leading the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust for decades, and travels continually to bring aid and hope to the worst hell holes on the globe. “You meet the most amazing people in the darkest places,” she told me today.

She joined me to day to discuss the grim realities of Darfur’s obngoing genocide –it hasn’t stopped, it has just dropped from Western agendas– the push by Islamists into southern Sudan, and the jihad underway in northern Nigeria. The transcript will be posted at

If you would like to assist in the aid work, the American branch of the Baroness’ work, donations can be sent to “The American Fund for Charities,” at P.O. Box 1413, Ashburn, Virginia, 20146-1413.


And if you are media looking for a report on the despair and suffering in Africa as well as the push by militant Islamists into the south of Sudan and the jihad in northern Nigeria, track down the Baroness.



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