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The Bush Economy Boom

Posted by ssbg on February 13, 2006

Posted by H-Bomb on Monday, 13 February 2006 (16:10:47) EST 00economy.jpg

Let me put this as succinctly as I can so no one can misread what I am saying:

If George W. Bush were a Democrat, the Mainstream Media would declare our current economy the most robust and prosperous in human history.

I know this because the last time America enjoyed such a glorious level of economic strength and prosperity, we had a Democrat in the Oval Office. And that’s exactly what the Mainstream Press said.


The Economic Report of the President is available for download at

A tidbit:

The expansion of the U.S. economy—having gathered momentum in 2003 and 2004—continued for its fourth full year in 2005. Economic growth was solid, with real gross domestic product (GDP) growing 3.1 percent during the four quarters of 2005 and 3.5 percent for the year as a whole. Near-record prices of energy and damage from several powerful hurricanes threatened to derail the expansion, but growth was well maintained in the face of these shocks and a long series of rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. Productivity growth remained well above its historical average. 

• Real GDP grew strongly during 2005. Most components of demand that accounted for growth in 2004 continued to do so in 2005: consumer spending, business investment in equipment and software, and exports.

• Labor markets continued to strengthen. The unemployment rate continued to decline, and employers created another 2 million jobs.

• Inflation rose substantially at mid-year, but came down by year-end reflecting the movement of energy prices. In contrast, inflation in the core consumer price index (CPI) (which excludes food and energy prices) has remained in the moderate 2-percent range, and inflation expectations for the period beyond a one-year horizon remain moderate and stable.

• The Administration’s forecast calls for the economic expansion to continue in 2006, with real GDP growth close to its post-World War II average rate and the unemployment rate stable at about its current level. This is expected to continue in subsequent years.

Read the whole thing.



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