A worldview is a set of claims that purport to be based on ultimate reality.

This task is impossible!

Posted by ssbg on February 2, 2006


Once upon a time a certain man went to the town monk.   00feather.jpg “Monk,” confesses he, “I have been slandering you to my neighbors. I am truly sorry for what I’ve said and how I’ve treated you. I take back all the bad words I have said. How may I find penance?” The monk nods graciously, then sagely proffers this command: “Go pluck 3 chickens. Stuff a bag with the feathers, then go place one feather on every doorstep in town. Return to me when you complete your task.”

Scurrying away, the villager meticulously complies. He returns to the monk the next day.

“Monk,” smiles he, “I have obeyed your instruction exactly. What should I do now?”

“Now?” “Now,” intones the monk, “go pick up every feather.”

“But, but,” splutters the villager, “it has been an entire night. This task is impossible!”

The monk nods in agreement, turns, and walks away.


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