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Live Through Him

Posted by ssbg on February 26, 2006


“ This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. ?- 1 John 4:9


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Posted by ssbg on February 26, 2006

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I have recently been listening to the free lectures by Jerram Barrs (excellent eye-witness teacher) on the life of Francis Schaeffer and the ministry of L’Abri.

Below is the course description (there are two parts to this lecture series, early and later years):

Identification of the biblical emphasis in the thought and life of Francis and Edith Schaeffer, with a focus on the development of their early ministry in the United States and Europe and the founding of L’Abri. The course considers issues related to spiritual growth, the Christian family, the unity of the church, Christians and the arts, and various aspects of Christian ministry.


Although I have read most of Schaeffer’s writings and I have known of the ministry of L’Abri, I must say that listening to these lectures have given me a totally new understanding of the person and life of Schaeffer, and also the inner workings of L’Abri.

A couple of themes that stuck out to me were:

1. How Francis and Edith Schaeffer ministered and struggled together.

2. Schaeffer saw himself primarily as an evangelist not as an apologist.

3. Schaeffer’s compassion for individual people.

4. That the ministry of L’Abri was founded and sustained by prayer.

5. That L’Abri was a true expression of biblical relational community, with little individual privacy.

6. That L’Abri was a true expression of biblical hospitality, welcoming, serving, and feeding many.

7. It is hard to believe, but Schaeffer’s office was his bedroom. He did not even have a desk, he used the end of his bed for a desk.

8. That L’Abri was one of the first major outreaches to postmoderns or what we call today emergents, without compromising biblical propositional truth. L’Abri was truth expressed in love through relational community. L’Abri was not a ministry of accommodation that we see so often today by those who are attempting to be relevant to the postmodern culture.


Listening to these lectures have rekindled a deep appreciation and respect for the ministry of Francis and Edith Schaeffer and L’Abri. They have also given me a relevant effective model for ministering to postmoderns today.

I really encourage you to listen to them yourself.

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A New Creation

Posted by ssbg on February 25, 2006



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The Way and the Truth

Posted by ssbg on February 25, 2006



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Posted by ssbg on February 25, 2006


By Michelle Malkin   ·  
Sentenced to die 

Doctors in England have won the power to withhold life support from two-year-old brain-damaged child Charlotte Wyatt–against the adamant wishes of her parents:

The parents of Charlotte Wyatt have been told that doctors are to be allowed to let their profoundly ill baby daughter die if they feel it is in her best interests. A High Court judge yesterday lifted a previous ruling that she should always be resuscitated, on the grounds that the two-year-old was now on a “downward rather than an upward trend”.Mr Justice Hedley heard an emergency application from doctors treating her that she had developed an aggressive chest infection and was unlikely to survive any moves to keep her alive.

“Medical evidence speaks with one voice, that ventilation simply will not achieve the end for which no doubt the parents would wish,” he said. Charlotte’s condition was said to be “deteriorating” last night. Her mother, Debbie, 24, from Portsmouth, still believes that if her daughter were ventilated she would recover.

But Mr Justice Hedley said there had been a “very significant deterioration in Charlotte’s condition”. It is the fifth time he has had to make a ruling about Charlotte’s treatment.

Doctors at St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth, had previously argued that her life was so intolerable that if her condition worsened they should be allowed to withhold treatment. Charlotte suffers from severe lung, brain and kidney damage. But her condition improved so much that last October the judge removed a ruling allowing doctors to let her die.


Charlotte’s parents have a blog dedicated to their daughter’s ongoing fight for survival here.

ProLife Blogs following the story here.

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