A worldview is a set of claims that purport to be based on ultimate reality.

Jim Elliot’s Sermon on the Resurrection

Posted by ssbg on January 31, 2006

From: by Jason Janz On Jan 29, 2006 – 9:57 PM
It’s great to be back again and look into your faces and see some old friends. It’s good to be here and be able to proclaim the message of God from this platform once again. It’s gone out hundreds of times and I hope that we haven’t gotten over the thrill of its going out because, after all, we’re fulfilling a prophecy of Jesus Christ every time we preach the gospel. More than that, we ourselves become directly responsible to God every time it’s heard. And I hope we are like children still, rejoicing in the awe and wonder of the love of God and His power. I hope we haven’t gotten over it like so many Christians seem to.

For my own part, since I’ve been away from you, the Lord has been stirring me up as to just what the gospel is that should be preached. Just exactly what twist should a man take when he stands in front of a twentieth century audience and speaks to them? How much should he tell? What should he say? How far should he go? What should be his approach?

And, that exercise has driven me to the book of Acts for a fresh study of what the gospel was as it was preached by the apostles in the days of the Acts. And I have found that the gospel that they preach was indeed a simple one. I’ve found some strange and interesting variations in the gospel that we preach. For we call our gospel simple, but often times I question whether that’s so. We say that the doctrine of substitutionary atonement taught to us through Paul in the book of Romans is the simple gospel, but I’m not so sure that that’s true.

At any rate, it’s not the initial thrust. It’s not the first few messages that were given by the apostles in the early days. They preached a message not of theory or of theology, such as blood atonement, which required a great deal of understanding in the Jewish scriptures and also a great deal of theoretical knowledge as to the nature of God and His holiness. They preached a gospel that was simple because it was based on recently occurring fact. They preached… [Read More]


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