A worldview is a set of claims that purport to be based on ultimate reality.

Focus on the Family Position Statement on Gambling

Posted by ssbg on January 26, 2006

Focus on the Family – Dr. James Dobson             00ill.jpg

Focus on the Family opposes all forms of legalized gambling for both moral and pragmatic reasons. We believe the net societal effect of our government’s embrace of gambling has been disastrous.

Gambling is driven by and subsists on greed. For this reason, the activity is morally bankrupt from its very foundation. Gambling is also an activity which exploits the vulnerable — the young, the old, and those susceptible to addictive behaviors. Further, gambling entices the financially disadvantaged classes with the unrealistic hope of escape from poverty through instant riches, thus ultimately worsening the plight of our poorest citizens. Also, gambling undermines the work ethic. It is based on the premise of something for nothing, a concept that sanctions idleness rather than industriousness, slothfulness instead of initiative.

 We believe legalized gambling, in all its forms, should and must be vigorously opposed.


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