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Household Net Worth

Posted by ssbg on January 5, 2006

from PoliPundit:            0chart_bowyer1-4-06.gif Click on thumbnail

Americans are doing quite well.

According to the Federal Reserve’s “Flow of Funds? report, released last month, the net worth of the American household (measured as assets minus liabilities) stands at a robust $51 trillion — yes, that’s trillion with a “T.? This isn’t just higher than last year (or the year before that; or the year before that). It’s almost twice what it was in 1995 and over 27 percent higher than it was in 1998 — right in the middle of Clinton’s “economic miracle.? 

In other words, American households may be borrowing more today, but they’re acquiring even more assets.


One Response to “Household Net Worth”

  1. Steve, Head Sheep said

    Measured as liabilities – assets, I’m close to 51 trillion myself. Gotta shake this electronics addiction.

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