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Death to America! . . . But Keep Those Checks Coming

Posted by ssbg on December 29, 2005

From George Conway      1hamasjcpa.jpg

The website of Arutz Sheva, an Israeli TV news channel, reports here that “[a] poll carried out in the Palestinian Authority shows 65% support for Al Qaeda terror attacks on the United States and European countries.? The survey, conducted by this Norwegian polling firm, shows how strongly all segments of Palestinian society surveyed support attacks that would visit senseless, violent death and dismemberment upon Americans and Europeans. The relevant details appear on page 54 (Table 2.22(2)) of the poll’s cross-tabs: Some 38 percent of all 1,759 Palestinian respondents said they “strongly support,? and 27 percent said they “support,? “al Qaeda’s bombings in the USA and Europe?; 19 percent said they “oppose,? and 16 percent said they “strongly oppose,? those attacks.

The poll offers no comfort to those who hope, as former World Bank president James Wolfensohn is said to believe in this profile on the front page of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, that “prosperity . . . will blunt the appeal of extremism and give Palestinians a stake in building a new state after years of nearly continuous violence.? The poll showed little difference between rich and poor, or the employed and unemployed, in their support for al Qaeda. Among respondents whose incomes were classified as “high,? al Qaeda’s attacks garnered the support of 57%, with 39% saying they were strongly supportive.

As Arutz Sheva points out, “[t]he poll comes at a time when US and European funding of the Palestinian Authority is at an all-time high.? Not that the United States’ generosity to the Palestinian people is anything new; the PA foreign ministry’s web site points out that in the 1990s, “the United States was the major donor to the Palestinian Authority as its financial assistance reached 15% of the over all [sic] aid provided to the Palestinian Authority till 1999.?*

* For some additional detail on the United States’ financial support of the Palestinian Authority, go here


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